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Social Media Marketing Services

Sha Web Design with many years of industry experience together with talented designers have been established our services as a trustworthy company to carry out all web development & designing activities with many reputed companies across Sri Lanka. The company has successfully established the Social Media Marketing Service division in order to provide a focused, up to date service to manage clients’ social media platforms and stand out amongst the competition.

Social Media Marketing Platforms have become successful and modern way of advertising to reach the target market with an instant. We at Sha Web Design team is committed of triggering brand presence and preference of our clients’ product and services furthermore acquire more businesses in return , build brand awareness ,brand perception & brand positioning.

With over 2 million users on Facebook in Sri Lanka today, it has been a necessity to be present at Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instergram, Pinterest etc.. With the growing trend of Digital Advertising, we at Sha web design is well equipped of providing you a total digital media platform maintenance with quality & engaging content.

Our Social Media Approach

  • Define Objectives: We will plan out the product centric objective of Social media marketing arena to reach the target base of customers.
  • Analysis : Our strategy team will define the marketing strategy and tactics with content plan to suit the drafted objectives suits the product/ service
  • Engage: We will do the posting on behalf of you, engage with the audience, grow your target interested base, share your updates and provide statistics at the end of an agreed period of time

E - Marketing

Mobile has become one of the necessities of the population now days, the world searches everything on internet, they shop online, they order their lunch online, and they find the perfect get away place online!
It is high time that Sri Lankan companies adopt to E marketing strategies in order to build the brand success with the new world of shopping.
Facebook, amongst the social media platforms has recorded highest level of success with millions of daily users. Therefore it is seen to be one of most important platforms to advertise to gain more prospects and actual businesses. However Facebook could build or kill a brand from the way it is being presented on the platform. At Sha web design we consist of experienced marketers who could define the best social media approach to gain successful results by advertising.
We will define, analyze and engage with your audience and provide best results. Talk to us today to plan and execute your campaign with more likes and more responses. We utilize our immense partner network to gain traffic and beat the competition with our expertise.
Sha web design Facebook marketing package consists with money back guarantee in the event of us failing to provide you with your target fan base; it’s not just ‘likes’ you receive but prospect customers who will buy or recommend your product/ service.

Purchase your facebook fan page advertising pack today and gain more businesses and share your success story with us.

Services included with our Social Media Marketing Package
  • Unique weekly Postings to suit your product/ service
  • Posts & Updates per Week to keep your audience aware of the product
  • Create Content which is engaging yet interesting
  • Create Content Artworks to attract the buyer
  • Create Cover and Profile Pictures to build your brand position
  • Message Replies to keep your audience interacted
  • Comment Replies to keep your customer satisfied
  • Contest / Campaign Artworks to build your brand
  • Contest / Campaign Management to provide you with more fans
  • Add Custom Facebook Tabs
  • Create Facebook Tab Images
  • Create Events Activities
  • Activity Monitoring & Reporting


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